Cosmetic Auto Repair Service in Bedford, Ohio

Cosmetic Auto Repair Service in Bedford, Ohio

The Cosmetic Auto Repair Service at Motorcars Volvo specializes in minor paint and body repair and offers a convenient, cost effective solution as an alternative to a traditional body shop. Our team understands that many of your repair needs are cosmetic and will not require a more expensive conventional repair. With the Cosmetic Auto Repair Service at Motorcars Volvo, you can improve the look of your damaged vehicle.

Our professional staff of repair experts use innovative auto repair methods and techniques to save you time any money without making any sacrifices on quality. To ensure your vehicle is repaired properly the first time, we use state-of-the-art tools and repair equipment. Motorcars Volvo offers a comprehensive list of minor repair services to give your vehicle the attention it deserves. Loaner vehicles are available by appointment. Stop by today for an estimate!

List of Services

Full Bumper Repair and Refinishing

Starting at $300.00 + materials cost for a complete front or rear bumper refinish.

Along with refinishing, we offer repair for cracked bumpers. In many cases we can repair a cracked bumper cover instead of replacing it. In fact, new bumper covers can cost $400 or more! You'll enjoy significant savings from the Cosmetic Auto Repair Service at Motorcars Volvo.

Painted Wheel Repair and Refinishing

Starting at $125.00 per wheel.

Damaged wheels not only harm the appearance of your vehicle, broken or bent wheels can cause vibrations which can lead to added strain on vital suspension components, creating a potentially unsafe situation on the road. Trust our team to refinish and repair your damaged, gouged, corroded, curbed, or scratched wheels and help your vehicle look like new once again!

Full Interior and Exterior Detail Services

Starting at $89.95.

Maintaining the condition of your ride can not only help protect your investment and improve resale value, it also feels great to drive a vehicle with a full interior or exterior detail. Motorcars Volvo is here to help keep your car looking like the day it was new with professional detail services.

Headlight Restoration

Starting at $50.00 per headlight.

Cloudy, hazy, or yellowed headlights look unsightly and they can also harm visibility which could put your safety in jeopardy on the road. Refresh the appearance of faded or dull headlights and drive with confidence!

Windshield Replacement Services

Starting at $300.00 installed.

The windshield on your vehicle is a crucial safety component of your car which protects you from hazards on the road along with additional structural strength in the event of an accident. A small crack or chip may appear minor, but over time this damage can spread across the windshield and put your safety at risk. Keep your visibility and safety protected with windshield repair and windshield replacement services at Motorcars Volvo.

Minor Scratch Repair

Buffing and Wet Sanding Starting at $45.00 per panel.

As time goes on, your daily commute along with hard weather conditions can take a toll on the condition of your vehicle. Our team of experts can remove ugly scuffs or scratches to improve the appearance of your ride.

Custom Pinstriping

Starting at $79.95.

Enhance the appearance of your vehicle and add a unique personal touch with custom pinstriping.