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Always an industry leader in terms of technological innovation, performance, and efficiency - Volvo continues to push the limits of electric propulsion systems. While you might be familiar with the concept of all-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles - we'd like to introduce you to another type of electrified Volvo powertrain. Known as mild hybrid technology, these types of vehicles feature an onboard battery and electric starter generator that assists both power and efficiency beneath the hood of your Volvo. Motorcars Volvo Cars has created this helpful reference guide that further explains this innovative technology along with a breakdown by model of which Volvo vehicles are offered with a mild hybrid powertrain. Let's get started!

Volvo XC60 Mild Hybrid

How Does Volvo Mild Hybrid Technology Work?

Letting you enjoy several of the benefits that come from electric power without any of the drawbacks, Volvo mild hybrid technology is an exciting alternative to a conventional gasoline-powered vehicle. Engineered with an integrated starter generator and a 47-volt battery, this tandem works in harmony to reduce tailpipe emissions while simultaneously adding smoothness and responsiveness to your driving experience. Eliminating the need for charging, the system automatically recaptures energy typically lost while braking and stores it for later use within the battery.

Benefits of Mild Hybrid Technology

Responsible Efficiency

Since doing your part for the environment is something we can all collectively appreciate, Volvo mild hybrids reduce environmental harm and continue the brand's commitment to furthering sustainability.

Exhilarating Performance

The addition of electricity helps Volvo mild hybrid models deliver more responsive acceleration from a standstill and smoother power delivery throughout the power band. For the driver, this means a more experience behind the wheel. For passengers, it's a far more refined and composed experience compared to a conventional gasoline-powered model.

No Range/Charging Anxiety

Not ready to make the switch to an all-electric model? Mild hybrid variants eliminate any need to worry about charging your vehicle or worrying about how much electric range you have remaining. You can continue to drive just like you normally would!

Volvo Mild Hybrid vs Volvo Recharge Plug-In Hybrid

Mild Hybrid
Mild Hybrid
Plug-in Hybrid
Plug-In Hybrid
Plugs into the wall for charging?NoYes
Offers all-electric range?NoYes
Battery Strength48-volt400-volt
Uses regenerative braking?YesYes
HP increase from electric motor13 horsepower87 horsepower

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