The Motorcars Volvo Auto Spa

Volvo Auto Spa at Motorcars Volvo in Bedford, Ohio

What is The Auto Spa?

Quite simply the Auto Spa is a twice a year program that will leave your car looking refreshed and new each time. Programs can be bought for 3, 4, and 5 year subscriptions.

What's In the Volvo Auto Spa Program?

The Auto Spa Process

Protection for the finish of your car begins with our two step exterior maintenance system. "Step One" removes all airborne grime from the surface of your vehicle which prepares the painted surface to accept "Step Two" which gives the finish a tough shield against the elements.

We will also vacuum your carpet, clean your windows inside and out, plus clean and detail your cars wheels and rims.

The Auto Spa treatment will keep your car looking young and beautiful. Contact us today to purchase a program!

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